What is it and how can it be healed?

Peripheral neuropathy is a degenerative nerve condition that is often overlooked until it’s too late to treat effectively. Most people suffering from peripheral neuropathy experience numbness in their hands or feet, or strange nerve pains described as ‘burning’ or ‘shooting pains.’ Common medical treatment consists of anti-epileptic prescription drugs. Unfortunately, these medications only mask the pain temporarily and they affect all nerves, not just the ones impacted by neuropathy.

There are numerous causes for neuropathy, ranging from diabetes to chemotherapy treatment, and nerve compression syndromes. Most cases are diagnosed as idiopathic, meaning that the cause is unknown. Fortunately, recent advances in treatment are offering relief even for idiopathic peripheral neuropathy sufferers. For many patients, our treatments are able to stop the progression of nerve damage and reverse the effects of degeneration. Contact Westside Wellness Center to learn more about our non-surgical and drug-free neuropathy treatments.

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Additional Narcotic-Free Neuropathy Therapies:

• Class IV High Intensity Laser
• “Foot Power” Rehabilitation & Balance Training
• Specialized Electrotherapy
• Vibration Therapy
• Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression
• Diet & Metabolic Nutritional Supplementation
• Manual Therapies
• Lifestyle Recommendations

Complete foot rehabilitation

We are the only office in America to offer the first biomechanically correct foot strengthening system. Our Patented “Foot Power” and balance training. In as little as 5 minutes we can start restoring the strength and circulation that brings oxygen to your nerve damaged feet and stability to your walking and balance. It’s estimated that 80% of our population have weak feet but 100% of Neuropathy patients, because of the damaged nerves from Peripheral Neuropathy. There is nothing like it anywhere. Our patients are raving about about the difference in there lives. Wouldn’t you like to walk without the fear of falling again?

Our feet were meant to be bare! Because we walk on hard surfaces and in shoes, we lose the ability to plantar flex and grip the ground. That’s why elite athletes have trained barefoot in the sand for years to gain an edge on their competition. Most of us don’t know that we’re getting weaker since there’s often no pain initially.

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of patients report a 50% reduction of nerve pain


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Does it hurt at night or when the covers touch your skin?

When you get into the tub or shower, are you unable to tell the hot water from the cold water with your feet?

Do you ever have any sharp, stabbing, shooting pain in your feet or legs?

Have you experienced an asleep feeling or loss of sensation in your legs or feet?

Do you feel weak when you walk?

Are your symptoms worse at night?

Do your legs and/or feet hurt when you walk?

Are you unable to sense your feet when you walk?

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