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We are the only office in America to offer the first biomechanically correct foot strengthening system. Our Patented “Foot Power” and balance training.

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Foot Power: The World’s First Biomechanically Correct
Foot Strengthening Device !

In as little as 5 minutes we can start restoring the strength and circulation that brings oxygen to your nerve damaged feet and stability to your walking and balance. It’s estimated that 80% of our population have weak feet but 100% of Neuropathy patients, because of the damaged nerves from Peripheral Neuropathy. There is nothing like it anywhere. Our patients are raving about about the difference in there lives. Wouldn’t you like to walk without the fear of falling again?

Our feet were meant to be bare! Because we walk on hard surfaces and in shoes, we lose the ability to plantar flex and grip the ground. That’s why elite athletes have trained barefoot in the sand for years to gain an edge on their competition. Most of us don’t know that we’re getting weaker since there’s often no pain initially.

In just 2-5 minutes a day you can regain your foot strength, balance and stop the pain.

Whether you have plantar fasciitis, capsulitis, bunions, neuromas, arthritis, tendonitis, flat feet, a failed surgery or you just stand all day long, you’ll benefit from this training.

This revolutionary device is not just used for people with foot pain but used as a means for strengthening the foundation of our ability to walk and move through life. It’s used for anyone who has foot, knee, hip, lower back and other painful conditions because our body relies on our feet for stability and synchronous movements of all types. All people can benefit from it’s use and athletes looking for an edge over their competitors will love it’s enhancement to their performance.

Foot Power

Dr. Jason Kelberman, DC, BCIM designed the first ergonomically & biomechanically correct foot strengthening device. Now we can help our seniors walk and balance better. Prevent them from falling and fracturing their bones. Help 80% of the population that has foot dysfunction reduce or eliminate foot pain for millions of people. Dr. Kelberman, is a chiropractic Kinesiologist who has worked with tens of thousands of people with foot issues helping them with not just pain but human performance. After 35 years in practice and 3 years in research and development we have an incredibly effective device that anyone can use in just 2-5 minutes. The results have been nothing short of miraculous.


Here are the answers to a few of the most asked questions about our Chiropractic services. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or wish to schedule an appointment.

What should I wear to my first visit?

Please wear loose fitting clothing. We always have shorts and gowns available if we need to examine extremities, etc.

How long will my first visit take?

We are very thorough and your first visit examination may take anywhere from 30-60 minutes. Follow up visits are typically 20-30 minutes long.

Do you treat Sport Injuries?

Absolutely. Dr. Kelberman spent 15 years at the Joint Rehabilitation and Sports Medical Center.

What type of orthotics can you make?

We have all materials and styles available. After examining your feet, we start by plaster casting your feet. We can fit just about all shoes including ski boots. We also have a patented strengthening system for our feet.

If you have a specific chiropractic treatment question, that is still left unanswered, please feel free to ask us using this button.

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