The Peripheral Neuropathy Los Angeles Treatment Center (a subsidiary of Westside Wellness Center) is dedicated to making you pain free as quickly and effciently as possible. Learn more down below.

Neuropathy Pain Treatment

As West Los Angeles’s most advanced center of its kind, we have access to proven and cutting edge technologies, matched with our innovative protocols for optimal and enduring results. We help you live a pain-free life. We take pride in communicating with our clients in an open and sincere manner, that people can understand and trust.

Specializing in the relief of severe pain due to peripheral neuropathy, one of the most impressive parts of the program is that it’s drug-free with lasting results. Imagine not needing to take drugs for the rest of your life to treat the pain. There are no cookie-cutter treatments at our center. You’ll receive one on one examination and treatments with Dr. Jason Kelberman, DC who will get to the bottom of your nerve and muscle dysfunction.

Find out more about us by calling to arrange a consultation today! You will not be disappointed. And you will not be told that you just have to live with it!

As a Neuropathy patient you’ve likely been told “You have neuropathy so here is your prescription for the pain medication”, or you’ve been told, “There’s nothing that can be done for the neuropathy in your legs and your feet.” Typical medical treatment involves anti-epilepsy drugs and anti-depressants, or even worse yet opiates, and these drugs do nothing for the underlying issue which is damage or death to the tiny nerve fibers in your feet, hands or legs. This program can consist of some or all of the following: Class IV laser therapy treatment, because it releases oxygen into the damaged tissues and can deliver a deep therapeutic treatment down to where the nerves are. Special electrotherapy with AC current stimulation (especially for diabetics) for increasing blood flow to the affected areas, metabolic nutrition therapy because peripheral neuropathy is a degenerative process, spinal decompression if the cause of your neuropathy is related to compressed lumbar nerve roots that go down the leg to the feet. Complete foot muscle rehabilitation, balance training, foot orthotics and specific neurological reintegration protocols of the peripheral nerves to enhance their function rapidly.

We are probably the ONLY center treating peripheral neuropathy that actually rehabilitates the function of the feet! There are very simple ways of increasing the strength of the muscle in your feet, ankles, and legs. Orthotic devices are helpful but must be soft for most neuropathy sufferers to tolerate them. But orthotics do not make you stronger. Stimulation is the key to returning any atrophied muscle to strength. We stimulate the nerves and exercise the muscles. This is always part of our neuropathy rehabilitation services.

Whats Included

What To Expect During Your Visit

In our center, you receive specific, focused, quality time with Dr. Kelberman, DC, (First visit evaluation is usually 60 minutes, treatments are typically 20-30 minutes and then you receive rehabilitative therapy, which can take anywhere from 30-60 additional minutes depending on the therapies recommended). Dr. Kelberman has developed unique, specific treatments for your feet, legs and lower spine that are highly effective, non manipulative and painless. In most chiropractic centers you spend 5 minutes or less with the Doctor and little attention is paid to your feet.

Physical Therapists use exercise, massage and some modalities like T.E.N.S. but are rarely effective because they are also not treating the nerves which are damaged. NO ONE is treating your FEET completely!

We utilize both soft and hard custom orthotics that are from plaster casts and foot exercise rehabilitation. This gives us the ability to address plantar fasciitis, neuromas, and gait-related (walking mechanism) problems with knees and hips as well as other areas of the body that are thrown off when your feet do not work properly.

Home therapy enables us to deliver more care and thus faster improvement. Home therapy equipment is available as well as home exercises, so you improve quicker.

Staying well is just as important as getting well. So once you achieve improvement we make sure you have the tools you need to stay that way.


Here are the answers to a few of the most asked questions about our Neuropathy services. Feel free to contact us if you have any further questions or wish to schedule an appointment.

My feet are tingling and numb. Does that mean I have Neuropathy?

Most likely, however the only way to be sure is to properly examine you. We don’t guess about your health.

I’m taking several medications. Will you give me more or will I be able to stop them?

Our treatments are drug free. Once you start feeling relief of your symptomatology you can ask the doctor that put you on the medication how to properly stop or wean yourself off them.

What tests will you perform?

We perform a comprehensive neurologic test. We also perform: postural analysis, orthopedic evaluation, muscle function testing, pain pattern evaluation, blood pressure in multiple positions, and skin reflex testing.

Are treatments painful?

No, our treatments have been developed over a 10 year period to be comfortable, painless and relaxing.

If you have a specific neuropathy treatment question that is still left unanswered, please feel free to ask us using this button.

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