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Chiropractic & Neuropathy Services

Westside Wellness Center and Periphal Neuropathy Los Angeles Treatment Center are Directed by Dr. Jason Kelberman DC.

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Westside Wellness Center

While Westside Wellness Center is a West Los Angeles Chiropractor office we also offer a specialized Peripheral Neuropathy Treatment Center. Patients can easily and conviently be seen by both practices at our location. These two seemingly unalike practices are, in fact, housed under the same roof. This allows us to expand and differentiate our practice from others.

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What could cause Periphal Neuropathy?

What Our Practice Offers

Dr. Kelberman D.C. specializes in Kinesiology which is the study of the movement of the body. This includes the detection of and understanding of nerve dysfunction. After decades of practice and research Dr. Kelberman D.C. has found that combined treatment protocols brings the best results.

Chiropractic Therapy

Advanced chiropractic adjustment techniques to relieve joint pain.

Laser Therapy

Reduces inflammation and speeds recovery and healing.

Neuropathy Pain

Drug free results that last in eliminating pain.

Foot Orthotics

Custom measured othotics ensure a precise fit to restore arches.

Metabolic Nutrition

From diabetic diets to chemotherapy recovery.

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Trusted by over 2000 Happy Patients

I have been a patient of Dr. Kelberman for 34 years. His care has given quality of life and the ability to stay mobile and continue working as a senior. – Linda Shull

Professional Care

Teaching is a passion for Dr. Kelberman D.C.. His undergraduate degree was in Industrial Education. He taught for several years before moving to California in the late 70’s and starting a West Los Angeles Chiropractor office. Now in his free time, he lectures on the lower extremity to other doctors. His latest addition to the our center is a patent pending device that he engineered to strengthen weak and damaged feet. Enabling our patients to walk again without pain.


How would I benefit from Chiropractic Treatment?

Dr. Jason Kelberman D.C.

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What People Says About Us.

I have been trying to find the underlying cause for my small fiber neuropathy for years. I went to many doctors and they couldn’t figure out the cause. I tried Dr. Kelberman at Westside Wellness and he helped find the underlying cause within a month or so! He has helped so much!

– Domenique Barnes

It’s truly eye-opening to see that there are people who understand much more about the workings of the human body than spine & neck “specialists” working at medical facilities. Two years of intense neck pain almost gone in 6 weeks thanks to Dr. Kelberman – this, after being told by MDs that degenerating disks in my neck will simply cause me pain for the rest of my days and that nothing could be done! Amazing depth of knowledge and attention to details. Thank you!!!

– Francois Muse

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Dr. Jason Kelberman, DC, BCIM, DMBBP

Dr. Jason Kelberman, DC, BCIM, DMBBP

Doctor of Chiropractic


Dr. Kelberman’s life’s work is a specialty known as applied kinesiology, meaning the study of the movement of the body. Our bodies are moved by muscles and Dr. Kelberman is a master of diagnosing and treating muscle, tendon, ligament and nerve dysfunction. Dr. Kelberman spent 15 years in the Joint Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine Center. Where he designed and managed multidiscipline rehabilitation protocols. Combining treatment protocols was found to work far better than an individual approach. Thus the current but always evolving multi discipline approach we utilize today. These services are available at his West Los Angeles Chiropractor office.

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