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Along with traditional chiropractic adjustments, we utilize several other methods of chiropratic science to relieve pain and promote skeletal and nerve health. Explore more down below.

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Effective Chiropractic Treatment

Two of the most common problems affecting health in Los Angeles, California and the U.S. at large is lower back and foot pain, which are frequently directly connected. In fact, 77% of people will suffer from back or foot pain in their daily lives.

Aging, weight gain, sports and occupations that are physically demanding can make the discs in the spine wear out and your foot arches to collapse. That process being accelerated by bad posture, lack of exercise, poor biomechanics and deficient diets.

Back and foot pain can usually be treated without surgery at our center. We are the only center to have a patent pending foot rehabilitation device called “Foot Power”. It not only strengthens your feet but helps neurologically control the way you walk and run. That means it will help other areas including knees, hips, spine and even shoulders.

If you find yourself experiencing pain that radiates into the lower extremities usually diagnosed as sciatica, or lasts several days, you should be seen immediately to properly diagnose and alleviate the pain as well as prevent future recurrences.

What Types of Pain Can Be

Treated by a Chiropractor?

You can see our Los Angeles, California chiropractic pain specialist for treatment of many types of pain, including: Neck or back pain, Spinal disc: degeneration, bulge, herniation, stenosis or sciatica.

Sport Injuries, Foot Pain, Peripheral Neuropathy, Knee Pain, Hip Pain, Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction Jaw pain (temperomandibular joint dysfunction), Headaches or Motor Vehicle accidents and more including:

– Disc Herniation or Derangement

Joint Compression (e.g. Compressing Lower Back Joints Due to Prolonged Sitting)

– Mechanical Back Pain (e.g. Straining the Back While Playing Sports)

– Many Other Types of Pain


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What Kinds of Therapies Does Your Chiropractor Offer?

Depending on your particular injury or pains, we may combine any of the following to speed your recovery within a single treatment session.

Flexion Distraction Technique: Is the original, gentle, non manipulative treatment to decompress spinal joints and discs that utilizes a specially engineered chiropractic table.

Spinal Manipulation:  Specific Spinal Manipulation is an active, hands-on treatment for restoring movement in the spine.

Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression

Typically a 30 minute disc decompression therapy to restore the disc hydration, flexibility and remove pressure form spinal nerves or the spinal cord. There is nothing else like it if you suffer from disc, nerve, or spinal cord impingement.

Chiropractic Instrument treatment

It involves the application of a low force, very gentle, hand-held instrument with the goal of restoring motion to the spine for those who are very badly injured or prefer non-manipulative chiropractic therapy.

Foot and balance therapy

Patented Foot Power therapy actually restores strength and balance, improving your ability to walk, climb stairs, ski, run and return to your lifestyle.

Custom Foot Orthotics

Plaster cast molding with every possible prescription available. Guaranteed comfort.

Iron Neck

is the #1 Neck strength and Posture Improvement Solution in the World. We have established protocols for injury rehab as well as posture corrective work.

Specialized Electrotherapy

Safe for nerve and soft tissue injuries and anyone who has a pace maker ! Amazing for stimulating blood flow and was originally designed to heal diabetic ulcers, which it does in one third the time.

Benefits of High Power Laser Therapy
This technology differs from that of other laser and light therapy devices by supplying up to 1500 times more power deep into target tissues. Due to the tremendous amount of energy delivered, this laser device is not considered to be a “low-level” or “cold” laser.
• Accelerated Tissue Repair And Cell Growth
• Reduced Fibrous Tissue Formation.
• Anti-Inflammation.
• Analgesia. beneficial effect on pain.
• Improved Vascular Activity.
• Increased Metabolic Activity.
• Improved Nerve Function.

How Frequently Should You See Your Chiropractor for Back Pain?


Length and frequency of treatment depends solely on what condition you have. Are you being seen for a badly sprained ankle or a head on collision at 60MPH?

Dr. Kelberman, DC, BCIM is Board Certified in Integrative Medicine and can treat your whole body not just mechanically. This approach speeds up your return to normal activities. We also emphasize the importance of pain prevention and proper exercise to ensure that you learn how to prevent your pain in the future as well.

Diagnostic Testing:
Our office can order specific blood, urine, chemical toxicity, heavy metals, genetics, food allergy, parasite and other testing. Whatever is going on with you “inside” will affect your physical body and its ability to recover from injury , inflammation and pain.

Whats Included

What To Expect During Your Chiropractic Visit

Usually we can diagnose your back pain with a physical exam. Our office has been treating back pain patients for over 30 years. Imbalances in the feet, knees, legs and hips greatly affects the way the pelvis and thus how the spine works. Often the lower back locks up because it can no longer compensate for what is going on all around it. When it is allowed to stay locked up the discs start to dehydrate and it leads to degenerative disc disease. This is not a mystery. In the chiropractic field we use the term subluxation as a designation of a vertebrae that no longer moves correctly that will irritate the nervous system. Your initial visit will include a consultation so that we can understand the origin and genesis of your complaints. Your initial exam will include a posture analysis, range of motion testing, spinal reflex testing, neurologic examination, muscle testing, pain pattern location, neurologic testing such as response to vibration, light touch or pin prick. Depending on what we find other tests may include an Diagnostic Ultrasound, X-ray, magnetic resonance image (MRI) scan, done density scan, or computed tomography (CT) scan. Blood pressure is taken in the sitting and standing position to evaluate your bodies ability adapt quickly. Oxygen rate, pulse rate as well as any other tests that are specific to your condition. As you can see Dr. Kelberman is well known for his thoroughness.

As an office that specializes in Chiropractic Kinesiology, our focus is to restore normal muscle function and balance. Restoring normal body movement facilitates normal spinal and joint movements.


Here are the answers to a few of the most asked questions about our Chiropractic services. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or wish to schedule an appointment.

What should I wear to my first visit?

Please wear loose fitting clothing. We always have shorts and gowns available if we need to examine extremities, etc.

How long will my first visit take?

We are very thorough and your first visit examination may take anywhere from 30-60 minutes. Follow up visits are typically 20-30 minutes long.

Do you treat Sport Injuries?

Absolutely. Dr. Kelberman spent 15 years at the Joint Rehabilitation and Sports Medical Center.

What type of orthotics can you make?

We have all materials and styles available. After examining your feet, we start by plaster casting your feet. We can fit just about all shoes including ski boots. We also have a patented strengthening system for our feet.

If you have a specific chiropractic treatment question, that is still left unanswered, please feel free to ask us using this button.

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